Friday, January 13, 2012

Star Still Offside

Somehow, I'm starting to doubt if Toronto Star editor Kathy English knows very much about the 1972 Summit Series at all.

In a mea culpa noting that there was no truth to the Star's report that Prime Minister Stephen Harper would be facing Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in a commemorative hockey game, English pens the following:
The problem? The "goal heard around the world" wasn't scored in game seven. It was scored in game eight.

Remarkably, Paul Henderson did score the winning goal in game seven. And game six. In fact, the only other Canadian player with a game winning goal was Yvan Cournoyer. But Henderson's game seven-winning goal, while his personal favourite, was not the goal heard around the world. That goal came in game eight, when he sank the Soviet Red Machine.

Much of this is just trivia. But the Toronto Star's lack of editorial oversight? That's not trivial at all.

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