Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Far Left's Vision for the RCAF

Make no mistake about it, the far-left has a vision for the Canadian Forces.

What is that vision? I'm glad you asked. It's this:

This isn't to say that they actively want Canadian servicemen and servicewomen dead. Athough some of them have taken certain glee in attacking their grieving family members after they're already dead.

No, they just have all sorts of crazy ideas that end up with Canadian servicemen and servicewomen dead. And for all the times it's happened before -- such as with Sea King helicopter crashes -- these people just never, ever, ever learn their lesson.

Take Graham Chivers, who tweets as @DeepGreenDesign, and fancies himself a genius engineer. He's one of the many fools fighting tooth and nail against the purchase of CF-35 fighter jets for the Royal Canadian Air Force, thus relegating our pilots to fly their existing CF-18s long after they become flying death traps.

Chivers recently took to the Twitterwaves to assure people that the CF-18 could, in fact, be maintained "indefinitely". No, he actually said that. Really:

This can, of course, immediately be dismissed as false with anyone holding so much as a modicum of knowledge about aviation, fighter jets, or even basic engineering. No aircraft's airframe can withstand the stresses of supersonic flight indefinitely. That's one of the most basic facts regarding these kinds of aircrafts.

Chivers -- who claims to have designed them -- doesn't know this. In fact, he seems to think that he's such an engineering genius that he could retrofit our CF-18s with "electronics and software" that would extend the operational lifetime of the airframe indefinitely:

Whatever software and electronics increase the strength, durability, and thermal resistence of titanium infinitely is a secret likely only known to Chivers. Now there are only two reasons I can think of for this, and they are as follows:

1. Because Graham Chivers is a genius, and only he knows about them.


2. They don't actually exist.

Now which do you actually think the answer is? And, if Graham Chivers were ever to become the engineer responsible for maintaining Canada's fleet of military aircraft, how long do you think it would be before the flag-draped coffin would again be a regular peacetime phenomenon in Canada?

It wouldn't be long at all. And this is one of the best reasons for the government to ignore individuals, self-annointed experts like Chivers, and go ahead with the F-35 purchase as quickly as it can be done. To put the decision in the hands of people like this -- as it was done in 1993 -- is not only to invite disaster, but actually to make it inevitable.

One thing is for certain: Graham Chivers is no genius. He's a self-glorifying tool who tweets with all the intellect of a spambot. And whether he intends it or not, his vision for the RCAF -- the far-left's vision for the RCAF -- is dead pilots. It could be nothing else.

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