Friday, March 20, 2015

Actually, It's About Ethics in Villainous Internal Monologues

So, did Marvel Comics take a cheap shot at #Gamergate?

This appears in the most recent issue of Loki: Agent of Asgard.
Many #Gamergate supporters are not impressed. They feel as if Marvel Comics has taken a shot at them to *ahem* avenge criticism they've faced over the new Thor.

Speaking for myself, I don't buy it.

Perhaps if this quip had come from a character such as Tony Stark that would be one thing. But the quip comes from Loki. Not only a villain, but the single most treacherous and deceitful villain in all of Marvel Comics. A character who, as he is literally the God of Mischief, would likely look at all the chaos and discord social justice warriors have sewn in the world and approve of it.

Taking character motivations into account, even if writer Al Ewing intended to take a shot at #Gamergate, that's not the message that realistically comes through.

As for female Thor: as I understand it, the objection many comic books fans have raised have less to do with the actual change, and more to do with the contrived way in which it was done.

Even then, everyone needs to relax. The idea of Thor as a woman has an interesting novelty. For a time that will drive sales, then when the novelty is gone Marvel will change things back.

Remember, this is the company that couldn't keep 90-year-old May Parker dead (bless her fictional soul).


  1. The series is a horribly written pondering mess. I've never liked the idea behind changing Thor either male or female. Thor is a man and its his name not his title. I don't mind when people of different veneers or melatonin level take up the mantle of say Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman ect.
    Further more I know many in Gamergate who don't mind, Thor being changed to a woman (unlike me) but they too hate the writing and ridiculous dialogue. But sure they like making it seem we hate it just cause the new character has a vagina.
    Sincerely female gamer and lover of comics.

    1. Personally speaking, I'm entirely indifferent to the change. Completely indifferent. But that's just me. Thanks for letting me know what you think about it.

  2. Now i really have to laugh. Because they really printed it. I mean, imagine this: In 20 years a big fan of Thor walks into a comic store and nearly shits her pants because he finds this old issue of female Thor. Excited she turns the pages, looks at the artstyle and then decides that the story doesnt make any fucking sense.

    Because in 20 years, this "cheap shot at GamerGate" will be totally irrelevant. Well, whats been printed, cant be unprinted.