Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How the Left Intends to Wage War for the Long-Gun Registry

Since the very beginning, proponents of the long gun registry have relied overwhelmingly on three things to win what they view as a war to save this demagogic and symbolic institution.

They rely on emotional blackmail: they accuse those who want to dismantle the long gun registry of being indifferent to the suffering of the victims of L'Ecole Polytechnique and Dawson College. They accuse them of being indifferent to domestic abuse.

They rely on fear-mongering: they insist that the long gun registry is the first step in dismantling all measures of gun control in Canada.

They rely on distorting the facts: they note that the registry was logged into thousands of times a day, although the onboard computers police have in their cruisers automatically access the LGR when they make any kind of inquiry.

Now, they have another tactic: intimidating their opponents.

This tale revolves around the activities of @ConBGone, a far-left Twitter troll who despises conservatives to her very core. Like almost all of these far-left trolls, she apparently believes that no rules of any kind apply to her. So when she had the opportunity to post the name and address of a long gun registry opponent, she did so with glee.

As with virtually all of these zaelots, @ConBGone wasn't particularly responsive to criticism of her targeting of this individual. In fact, she set out to make it seem as if those who objected were the ones with a problem:

Moreover, when called out by several Twitter users for this blatant thuggery, @ConBGone made it clear that her intention was to intimidate opponents of the LGR into silence:

Fortunately, the precise offending Tweet has been deleted. Concerned bystanders immediately reported @ConBGone's activity to Twitter, and she hasn't Tweeted since. Speculation holds that Twitter has frozen her account prior to deleting it.

Fortunately, not all LGR proponents have gone quite as far off the deep end in their actions. But @ConBGone's actions are a reminder of just how far many of them are willing to go.

Unfortunately, actions like @ConBGone's have been taken before. Consistently, those who commit these kinds of acts have consistently refused to take any responsibility for them. Some have gone to remarkable lengths to escape the implications of their behaviour.

Fortunately, those witnessing these acts of bullying and intimidation aren't staying silent about them any longer.

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