Sunday, December 18, 2011

There is Something Deeply, Deeply Wrong With These People

For a time, it seemed like this individual had, gratefully, excused herself from Twitter.

Sadly, no. @ConBGone has, unfortunately, resurfaced on Twitter, and hasn't learned a damn thing from her experience. Rather, instead of attempting to excuse her foul behaviour at all, she's resorted to pointing the finger at other people:

It's the typical response of a shoolyard bully: @ConBGone is trying to pretend her behaviour isn't what's wrong, what's wrong is that someone would draw attention to it. Just like every schoolyard bully who blames their victim for telling a teacher, rather than accept responsibility for their own actions. Which tells you everything you need to know about @ConBGone's progress through the process of growing up.

She's not alone in this regard by any means.

Scuttlebut has it that @ConBGone has even established a stalking horse Twitter account, @GunNutz. Speculation holds that @ConBGone established the account to try to make the anti-LGR lobby look bad... but who would put any stock in @ConBGone's Twitter activities when she's already revealed herself to be nothing more than a petty thug?

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