Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vainglorious Cop-Baiting Predatory Leftism Revisited

Frankly, Derek Soberal was never really all that interesting to me. So uninteresting, in fact, that I forget entirely how his video, "Raw Video: (12 Toronto Police) Vs 1 - Post G20 Toronto: Aug 16 2010" reached my attention.

Now, after a being in contact with Soberal -- more than a year after I raised some questions about his video -- Soberal seems much more interesting.

Not that this really says much. Much more interesting than barely interesting is still not very interesting. In fact, it's pretty easy to draw some quick conclusions about Soberal: he likes attention.

I mean he really, really likes attention. So much so that he seems to have made a habit of going around Toronto sticking his video cameras in the faces of cops wherever he may see them, and regardless of whether or not he has any real reason to be doing it... more on this soon.

He seems to enjoy being on TV, he seems to enjoy being on the radio. He seems to enjoy having his name mentioned in the newspaper. And, really, why not? He just has very little worthwhile reason to be there.

One thing he doesn't seem to like is asking questions. One thing he doesn't seem to like is being asked questions.

That's probably why when I asked him about a portion of his video -- in which he is allegedly pushed around by a Toronto police officer -- that skips, he promptly blocked me from his YouTube page. Which is a shame. It seems like it would be an easy enough question to answer.

In the end, his desperation to avoid any questions is an answer in itself.

Did Soberal edit the surveillance footage he offers as evidence he was assaulted? It sure appears to be heavily edited, but he won't answer this question. But considering that the video skips more than a full second at a very convenient time for Soberal, it's hard to conclude that it hasn't been edited.

There's no business quite like being in the business of being a professional victim, particularly a professional victim of "police brutality". But considering what we already know about some of his make-work projects -- more on that soon, too -- Soberal's whining just isn't worth taking too seriously.

In the end, it just makes you feel sorry for police officers. Every day they put their lives on the line in a humble bid just to help keep people safe.

These days they don't just have to worry about some perp with a gun or a knife. They also have to worry about predatory "documentary filmmakers" trying to deliberately set them off so they can parade their footage around as evidence that they're a victim of "police brutality".

That's not just bluster, either. Derek Soberal has made a habit of posting the evidence that this is precisely what he's doing online.

More on that coming soon.

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